Aug 14, 2008

A snooze that lasts 4 years!

I am sure you must have got a feel of wht I am going to type here!...Yes indeed...I am referring to the olympics reminder!....Yet again,most of our medal prospects let us down,except for abhinav,who,no doubt,made the nation proud. None misses a chance to point out the flaws in the existing system ,.we never miss a chance when it comes to Blame game (wish there was a medal here!)..Another interesting point to note is the overwhelming domination by the chinese taking all by surprise.Clearly,we have lost to the chinese in this race for sure!

Abhinav not only hit the bull's eye at beijing but also in his interview to NDTV when he pointed out on how unprofessionally the indian Olympics committee is structured. He rightly pointed out the fact that if India is pursuing the dream of being the greatest sporting nation,it has to Perform at the highest of Stages.His one line answers and composure seemed to drive home the message.There is no hiding that its time for Indian Olympics Committee to rope in the private players and provide adequate fecilities. It goes without saying that a focussed plan is a must.The results might not be immediate,but will for sure encourage children to look sports as a career option! Until this confidence is not inculcated,its tough to get the children out of "education only" mode.

I hope (and wish!) that we do not snooze the reminder for another 4 years .We have to wake up this time and get going!