Aug 1, 2009

Thanks for Being There!!


The journey has been long, filled with memories. Few to Cherish and many to forget. On quite a few occasions, I have failed to thank God for my good times .Never missed to curse my fate on the not so good ones.

On second thoughts, there was probably a hidden message?..a lesson may be? Tough times were filled with moments of solitude. There was no one behind me. Nor a soul ahead of me.I looked around to realize that YOU were always with me. You shared the pain and help me fight out of it.When things were in place and ‘Plan A’ worked, we had nothing but fun. We mocked at each other and fooled around together.

But times do change. And when they changed for the worse, nothing went my way. Dark clouds surrounded. Failure loomed large. You were the Silver lining, bright enough to disperse them. You always reminded me that ‘Even this will pass away’. You brought in Optimism and hope. I began to hate loneliness. With you around, that was obvious. You have been a wonderful friend. You are a wonderful friend and you Will be a wonderful friend.

At times in my prayers, deep in my heart, I have stopped cursing my fate for all those bad times. Those were the moments of truth; ones that made me realize how important you are to me.

Stay as good as you are! Keep me afloat!!
Thanks for being there! At all times!!
Happy Friends Day!!

Date: 1 Aug 2009