Dec 14, 2010

For a cause

I am sure most of you would have come across the now popular ‘Akshaya pathra’ program from ISKCON which helps the state governments across the country to feed India’s future through Mid-day meal scheme. A friend of mine had shared the below video sometime back.

It clearly shows how mid-day meal scheme actually helps in reducing the school drop outs, in fact, makes students go to school for more than one reason! With a phenomenal growth rate in population, the total number of mouths to feed is mind-boggling and despite the fact that governments are the primary sponsors of such social programs, NGO’s help is almost essential in successful execution of those.
What amazes me about the Akshaya pathra is use of technology in such a massive scale to prepare hot sambhar rice and the attention to details without being overwhelmed by the scale! Consistently, 6 days a week!
Madhu pandit dasa refers to adding grated coconut in sambhar, as an example for attention to details. How true that is! Coconut, sure is an important yet more of a ‘good to have’ ingredient’. Clearly spending resources on adding a ‘good to have’ ingredient in over 820 thousand plates of sambhar rice is a huge task which can be easily discarded from the entire process. The foundation thinks otherwise.
” Kids free lunch should not only be free, but also tasty”. Speaks volumes on the sincerity towards this daily task
I am more than convinced to do my bit for this cause. As a first step, I am writing this to post on, which has come together with the Akshaya pathra foundation to promote their cause
(Each valid post helps feeding 50 children!)

You can choose to go the next step in the below link! :)